Membership in PASCRS is limited to board certified or eligible Colon and Rectal Surgeons practicing in Pennsylvania and around the Delaware Valley. Yearly dues are $250 and renew July 1 of the year.

An online membership application form is available here. Each applicant should submit the names of 2 current members of PASCRS to sponsor them. Any questions regarding membership can be directed to

Current members can click here to pay annual dues.


Current PASCRS Fellows

First Name Last Namesort descending Membership Type
Suraj Alva Fellow
Taro Arai Fellow
Joseph Bannon Fellow
James Baran Fellow
Gregg Baranski Fellow
David Berg Fellow
Joshua Bleier Fellow
Pricha Boonswang Fellow
Daniel Bowers Fellow
Christopher Bruce Fellow
David Bub Fellow
Jeffrey Butcher Fellow
Christopher Buzas Fellow
Frank Carter Fellow
Bertram Chinn Fellow
William Cody Fellow
Miguel DeLeon Fellow
Michael Deutsch Fellow
Anthony Dippolito Fellow
Thomas Erchinger Fellow
Steven Fassler Fellow
Richard Fortunato Fellow
Robert Fry Emeritus Fellow
Avi Galler Fellow
Richard Goldstein Fellow
Scott Goldstein Fellow
Steven Harper Fellow
Gerald Isenberg Fellow
Marks John Fellow
Indru Khubchandani Emeritus Fellow
Soo Kim Fellow
Walter Koltun Fellow
Linda Lapos Fellow
Samuel Laucks Fellow
Najjia Mahmoud Fellow
Gerald Marks Emeritus Fellow
Steven McClane Fellow
James McCormick Fellow
Jennifer McQuade Fellow
Joseph Nejman Fellow
Stanislav Nosik Fellow
John Park Fellow
Carter Paulson Fellow
Philip Pearson Fellow
Benjamin Phillips Fellow
Matthew Philp Fellow
Juan Poggio Fellow
Bogdan Protyniak Fellow
Frances Puleo Fellow
Mike Rakhmanine Fellow